Who We Are

North Woodward Rehabilitation Services is an outpatient Physical Therapy clinic, specializing in orthopedics. We have successfully practiced in the Bloomfield area since 1987. We treat a wide variety of dysfunctions, involving the spine, extremities, as well as the temporomandibular joint. We have therapists that specialize in biomechanics, manual therapy, sports conditioning, core training, running injuries, post-surgical patients, and TMJ dysfunction.

Our success is a result of our shared commitment for the highest quality of care. By employing highly educated and experienced Physical Therapists, we ensure a thorough evaluation process to develop an individualized treatment program. This program will include manual therapy, functional exercise and retraining, strength and stabilization programs, and patient education.

All patients are evaluated and treated by the same Physical Therapist at each and every visit. We feel this continuity is essential to prompt optimal recovery. Our goal is to return patients to their active lifestyles, equipped with the knowledge to prevent reinjury.