Lorrie Sherwood PT, CSCS/Owner, Certified Foundation Training instructor

Lorrie is a 1986 graduate of Oakland University’s Physical Therapy Program. After joining North Woodward Rehabilitation in 1989, Lorrie has continued with extensive coursework with an emphasis in manual therapy. She also acts as North Woodward’s clinical coordinator, sponsoring clinical rotations with Oakland University’s Physical Therapy Program. In 1998, Lorrie earned her strength and conditioning specialist certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
While striving for a healthier lifestyle, Lorrie set physical training goals which led to her first marathon in 1996. She continues to run marathons completing nine to date, including Boston. Through her running and lifestyle affiliations, she has come to know and treat local runners and elite athletes from many different competitive arenas. Lorrie is also an avid downhill and cross country skier and cyclist.

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